• HomeImage1In 2003, Holztec established a joint venture company with Kneer, a German windows and window doors manufacturing company.
  • Kneer has more than a hundred years of experience in operating wooden windows and window doors factories in their homeland Germany.
  • The objective of this joint venture was to invest in state-of-the-art computerized woodworking machines and systems, with the aim of producing the highest quality products for both the European and the Egyptian market.
  • We work hard to meet the changing needs of customers nationwide by manufacturing the most reliable, low maintenance and durable products.
  • Customer satisfaction is what defines our work and governs our goals.



Our mission is to satisfy our customer by providing the utmost quality in all our German crafted windows and window doors, guaranteeing that the best sealing and isolation standards are met.


  • We strive to be a great place to work where people can be the best they can.
  • We inspire to be the most distinguished in the industry at what we do.
  • We endeavour to continually create opportunities for all our clients.
  • To enthusiastically promote innovative benefits to provide windows and window doors solutions for our clients.