Opening instructions


The window sash may not be subjected to any additional weight


Do not slam or press the window sash against the wall reveal


placeDo not place any object between the sash and the frame.



Where small children or mentally handicapped persons have access to the window, secure the sash against opening, e.g. by means of a child safety device or a lockable handle.


Do not leave the sash in turn mode during strong winds.



Caution! Slamming a window can cause injury. When closing, do not put your hand between the sash and the frame.


Opening Instructions

  • tilt-turnTilt & Turn
    • Turn the handle 90⁰ for the turn feature, the option allows the sash to swing open
    • Turn the handle 180⁰ for the tilt feature, this option allows for ventilation.
    • To avoid the mishandling mode, close the sash between switching features


  • tilt-slideSlide & Tilt

    • Turn the handle 90° for the tilt feature, this option allows for ventilation
    • Turn the handle 180° for sliding the door, the door comes off its rail and moves on the outer rail.
    • To avoid mishandling, close the sash between switching features.


  • tilt-foldingFolding
    • Turn the handle of the individual sash 90⁰ to open it in the turn mode, then open the lock found at the opposite sash to unlock the folding feature. Then turn the handle on the opposite sash 90⁰ to open the folding feature. Pull the handle towards you for maximum view.

Cleaning Instructions

CleanWater and window cleaners should not be used sparingly when cleaning the windowpanes.

A “dry cleaning” must be avoided because the pressure applied with the employed cleaning utensils may result in the mechanical removal of the sealing.

Usually, cleaning solvents (benzene) or household spirits and a linen cloth will remove the dirt.

Do not use any cleaning detergents or any sharp materials that can cause scratches.

For cleaning the glass, use a premixed vinegar-based cleaning solution (or make your own with one part vinegar to ten parts water) and apply to a soft, clean lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel. Do not use ammonia or alcohol based glass cleaners. They may leave streaks or produce a film that attracts moisture or dust.