Nothing compliments a well-designed home like solid wood interior doors. Holztec specializes in creating unique, special and memorable custom wood doors that you require. The doors are made of treated wood fibres thus they are water resistant and repellent. The water-resistant frames and trims are used in environments where the floors are subject to frequent washing with water. The frames were built after in-depth technical studies of the material were made in order to provide a solution to the natural instability of wood. The treated structure and finish give the frame stability even if it comes in contact with water.

The frame is blockboard TL/68 with a finish that matches the leaf. The rounded corner of the frame is minimal and linear. The depth of the curve is small, giving it a modern look. Our door collection has a modern and effortless look and an outstanding quality.

Our doors are made of scratch resistant synthetic finishes that create the color, design, grain and pores of wood.