Handles / Covers

A high-quality Roto product always means keeping a promise of high quality to all our customers. The long-term perfect function of Roto door and window handles is tested in numerous tests. Depending on the requirements; durability tests and static endurance tests are carried out, that realistically simulate the demanding “everyday life” of door and window handles and clearly exceed the test requirements in accordance with DIN EN 1906 and/ or RAL-RG 607/9.

R 07.2 traffic-white RAL 9016

R 05.3 anodised medium bronze, C33

R 04.1 grey-brown, RAL 8019

R 01.1 anodised silver, F1

R 03.1 anodised matt brass, F3

R 01.3 anodised titanium matt, F9

R 05.5 anodised bronze, F4

R 01.2 anodised champagne, F2

Rain Gutter

Aluminium rails are used on the wood from outside to protect the wood from rain and water. These strips of aluminium are covered from both sides with plastic covers to prevent water and air leakage. These profiles come in a huge variety of colours between RAL colours and wooden textures to accommodate all designs (upon market availability).


The silicon used is particularly suitable for the sealing of windows, connecting joints and other movement joints. It offers long term, good adhesion to most non porous surfaces such as coated or glazed wood, glass and glazed surfaces. It is available in a wide range of colours.


The rubber is an all-rounder amongst the sealing profiles. It guarantees optimum sealing tightness and there are stabilization lips that strengthen the position. Moreover, it has an optimum head width that provides a greater tolerance range. It also has a hollow chamber lip profile for clearly visible deflection recovery of the seal, in addition to the fact that it is environmentally friendly.