The technology used in producing our windows and patio doors is a semi-automated system. We have the most qualified manpower in the market. The first step is assembling and profiling. In this phase all our wood logs undergoes profiling to ensure a smooth surface. Our wood is laminated (3 layers), Kiln dry (KD) 10-12 and the standard Section Thickness: 72cmx86cm

Then the wood undergoes handle hole drilling and channel grooving for the hardware. This process makes room for all the hardware and the handles. The following step is the finishing of the wood, it is important that our wood windows are finished properly to extend their life and uphold their spectacular appearance.

Next, there is the painting of the windows. We have three layers of paint, where the windows are dipped in to a paint bath and sprayed after. The first layer is the (filler) used is to treat the wood and protect it from infects and bugs. The second layer (basic) in this phase is used to paint the wood with filling colour to fill all the holes and protect the wood from water leaking. The final layer (colour) in this phase is used to paint the wood which gives the wood the designed colour according to the costumer need.

Following that, the rubber and hardware are installed; Our Roto and Siegenia hardware systems are made out of steel and for highly stressed hinges with quality. The rubber used is the all-rounder amongst the sealing profiles. It guarantees optimum sealing tightness and there are stabilization lips that strengthen the position.

The next step is installing the glass. We use insulating double glass sealed by silicon on both sides; we offer the most up to date and the highest grade of glass. Last but not least is the packing. Each window is carefully packed with cardboard and stretch to ensure that they arrive to the client perfectly with no scratches at all.