Wood is a natural insulator

The windows in a building are what gives it its character and indicates its quality. They are the features that people notice first and the ones that they remember. We will deliver a first-class product that protects us against rain, cold, wind and noise with all the benefits of modern fittings and finishes.

Wood is renewable

Wood is a green choice. It is the only naturally renewable material for windows. Because of the carbon sink effect of the forests, it essentially reduces your carbon footprint. In fact, you can go really green and extend the life of your wood windows indeterminately, through appropriate care and repair when necessary. Wood is prominent for possessing its exclusive properties, releasing energy and displaying its natural beauty in any form.

Wood is sustainable

In order to fight the danger from global warming, today’s well-managed modern forestry experts replanted new trees to ensure the continuous rejuvenation of forests. This maintains the crucial carbon sink environmental benefit. As an added environmental benefit, it should be noted that the energy required to process and convert raw timber in to frames is less than 17% of that used in plastic frames.

Wood is durable

Eternal style, sophisticated aesthetics, warmth and charm, those are the characteristics which make our wood windows unique. From the choice of the very best raw materials to a manufacturing process born of a perfect fusion between elements for traditional workmanship and the best modern techniques, the entire process aims to create a window which can be adapted to suit any architectural style and purpose while adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Windows and doors made of timber will certainly last for many years and impress us with its robustness, high quality and natural exquisiteness.