There are three laminated layers of compressed Meranti wood. The profiling of the laminated wood is 86 x 72mm. Our wood complies with the German Association Standards, DIN 68 121/IV68.


These profiles come in a huge variety of colors between RAL colors and wooden textures to accommodate all designs (upon market availability).

Wood Paints

The paint we use complies with the highest international standards. The wood is painted with three layers of special water-based paints. Our paint is waterborne paint for the priming of windows and doors. The first layer (basic) is used to treat the wood and protect it from insects and bugs. The second layer (filler), in this phase is used to paint the wood with filling colour to fill all the holes and protect the wood from water leaking. The third layer is the finished colour you chose from our wide variety.


Holztec hardware system is designed to bring back the era that celebrates the balance between form and functionality. Our Roto and Siegenia hardware systems are made out of steel for highly stressed hinges with quality. Holztec’s line of hardware which is forged, hammered, mulled and finished with International German standards, is available in various shapes and colours to satisfy all needs.


To accommodate all designs, every aspect of Holztec windows is entirely customizable regarding colours and textures. 


Insulating double glass sealed by silicon on both sides, we offer the most up to date and the highest grade of glass. The sound absorption is up to the third degree {35 decibel}.